Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses are essential household accessories that are attainable online in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Even though simple, they enhance user comfort.

They also improve sleep patterns, promote better physical and mental health, and most importantly, lower the risk of developing debilitating conditions such as back and or neck aches after sleeping for long hours. When shopping for a new mattress to use at home, remember that user comfort is key.

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is to buy a cheap mattress online only to suffer frequent backaches because of its poor construction.

The type of mattress you buy should also be durable and have a plethora of innovative features that guarantee superior performance without costing you a fortune. With the diversity of mattresses in the market, finding an affordable model that meets this threshold is an arduous task.

Fortunately, it is not impossible. This 12-inch SureTemp memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations is a durable high performance model that will serve you well for long.

Read on to learn its major attribute and reasons why you should buy one.

Product Description

Since its official launch a few years ago, Simple Innovations has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality mattresses that continue to affect the lives of millions worldwide positively. This SureTemp foam mattress, for instance, is an advanced 12-inch model that cushions the body well for maximum therapeutic support when resting or sleeping.

Its dual-layer design (2.5-inch comfort layer made of three-pound memory foam and 9.5-inch base layer) is durable. It eliminates pressure points for added relief, eliminates motion transfer, lowers tossing and turning, and conforms to body orientation to promote proper head and spinal alignment. This density memory foam mattress is 80-inches long, 60-inches wide, and 12-inches deep.

It has a luxurious poly-cotton blend cover that does not irritate the skin, ships vacuum packed, and has a 20-year limited warranty.


As highlighted earlier, comfort is one of the major attributes you must never sacrifice when shopping for a new mattress for regular usage. This top rated mattress by Sleep Innovations does not disappoint in this regard.

Although cheap, its well-made dual-layer design using quality materials cushion and support the body well for superior comfort. Its 9.5-inch base layer for instance is thick, stable, offers therapeutic support when sleeping for long.

It also has a well-made 2.5-inch comfort layer that conforms to the orientation of the body to eliminates tossing or turning and eliminates pressure points that often injure or irritate the body when using hard, poorly made mattresses. The exclusive SureTemp open cell foam used to manufacture this mattress boosts air circulation when sleeping to keep the body cool.

It also improves head and spinal alignment, eliminates motion transfer, and in synergy with its soft poly-cotton cover, keeps users comfortable for an uninterrupted night’s rest.


If you are shopping for a SureTemp mattress and durability ranks high on your list of wants, you will never regret buying this foam mattress by Sleep Innovations for the following main reasons: first, the exclusive memory foam used to make it is among the most durable in the market.

It has a high weight capacity and does not crack nor crumble easily as many low-quality models do. Its dual layer design also improves its durability further. Unlike single block mattresses, it disperses weight evenly across the mattress for greater stability without sacrificing comfort. For just a few dollars, you get a valuable foam mattress that lasts long.

Sleep Innovations SureTemp Density
While Sleep Innovations density foam mattress is not as thick as some mattresses in the market, its dual layer design offers sufficient flesh to guarantee superior comfort no matter your stature or size. Even though this density foam mattress ships vacuum packed for easier transportation and storage, it inflates to a maximum thickness of 12-inches once unpacked and rested.

Its structural bottom layer is sturdy and made of a durable 9.5-inch responsive support foam. This one-of-a-kind material has a high weight capacity.

It supports the body well when sleeping and prevents the mattress from collapsing or losing its shape after years of usage. As its name suggests, its 2.5-inch comfort layer is comfortable and made of breathable SureTemp memory foam that conforms to the body’s orientation.

This mattress is 80-inches long, 60-inches wide and has a medium-soft to medium-firm feel.


Feature wise, Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp mattress is one of the most advanced foam mattresses in the market. Key attributes that have made it a best seller online include:


  • One of the major attributes that set this density foam mattress apart from its competition is its dual layer design.
  • It is durable, comfortable, and provides superior comfort for a better and restful night’s sleep.
  • Unlike single block mattresses that are attainable cheaply online, you get a functional everyday mattress with a durable 9.5-inch base layer. This layer is supportive, durable, and made of responsive memory foam that offers value for money.
  • A top this base layer, you have a well-built comfort layer made of an exclusive SureTemp open cell memory foam. It cushions the body, dampens pressure points, and lowers turning.

Circular Knit Cover

Unlike much low-quality mattress that has irritant synthetic covers, this mattress has a circular-knit plush poly-cotton blend cover that does not irritate the skin. It is soft, allergen-free, and dust mite resistant. It is also durable and resistant to the elements.

User Warranty

SureTemp foam mattress by Sleep Innovations has a full 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. For those that treasure quality, this reflects the value of the mattress that you are getting.


  • If you have back and joint problems, this mattress’s sturdy base layer and its comfortable comfort layer support the body well for better sleep.
  • The uniquely formulated open cell foam technology used, for instance, conforms to the body orientation when sleeping.
  • It eliminates pressure points and supports the body perfectly to eliminate tossing and turning. With it, therefore, you will sleep comfortably and soundly either singly or with your partner.


- Luxurious cradling comfort and have extra durability.

- This is affordable, made using premium quality Sure-Temp and support foam.

- One of the most comfortable high-density mattresses in the market.


- Not cheap but worth the money.

- The mattress have the chemical memory foam smell.

- Pretty heavy when you're moving it.

Bottom Line

- Although this memory foam mattress is not fire resistant, the benefits of buying it surpass its cons.

- It, for instance, is affordable, made using premium quality SureTemp and support foam, and is currently one of the most comfortable high-density mattresses in the market.

- This mattress is non irritant, suitable for everyday use, and lacks allergens and or chemical fillers that might affect your health over time.

- All you have to do is buy an original model from a renowned store such as Amazon to enjoy these benefits.