Discover the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Mattress

When I decided to buy a new mattress, I knew I couldn’t afford something which was marketed as being "top of the line".

However, I was quite intense about finding a truly affordable mattress design which would provide me with memory foam comfort, durability and an array of extra features, such as an anti-allergenic cover.

After conducting quite a bit of research online, I chose the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Mattress, which was really affordable.

Since I paid so little for this memory foam mattress, I was concerned that its overall quality wouldn’t be as great as I wanted it to be.

Once I actually slept on it, my concerns vanished. This mattress gives me the power to access deep and healing rest, every single night. Its premium memory foam molds to my body and cradles it in supreme comfort.

This was my first memory foam mattress and I know I’ll never go back to a conventional, non-memory foam model. Since I’m so impressed with my new mattress, I thought I’d let others know exactly what it has to offer, and this is why I’m writing this detailed review today…

Hopefully, my review will help you to decide whether or not this style is what you’re looking for. Read more reviews about Sleep Innovations 12-inch.

Product Description

This mattress is crafted of superb, A-grade memory foam and it’s made in America. It retails for around four hundred and twenty-five bucks at most online retailers.

This Queen-sized mattress comes with a host of appealing features which ensure optimal comfort. Since it is a reasonably-priced mattress in the lower end of the price range, it offers a lot of value for its affordable list price. This means that it’s a solid investment.

I checked other reviews for this model before I ordered it and they were really positive. This reinforced my decision to go with this design.

Is This Mattress Comfortable?

If you want the most comfortable mattress, you’ll find that this model really delivers. Its memory foam construction means that it will mold to your body while you doze, so that you can get the quality rest that you need and deserve.

When you choose this design, you’ll access a double layer of memory foam, which is equipped with SureTemp open cell technology. This technology promotes exceptional airflow, which gives this mattress the power to conform to your body’s contours.

Does This Product Have Good Durability?

Sleep Innovations is a good brand with a solid reputation for quality. Therefore, this memory foam mattress should continue to perform well over the years.

Just follow the manufacturer’s care guide in order to ensure that your mattress continues to provide benefits over the long term.

For example, spot-clean its sturdy polyester-cotton cover when needed and also flip the mattress occasionally. You may also wish to vacuum the mattress now and then in order to remove allergens and dirt.

Aside from this, you shouldn’t have to do much, as this design really is durable and it’s definitely a low-maintenance mattress.

Thickness Facts And Information

This design features two layers of memory foam, each of which measures one foot in thickness. In addition, it comes with a special “comfort layer” which is two-and-a-half inches in density.

Lastly, each Sure Temp mattress features nine-and-a-half inches of high-quality support foam, which is renowned for its therapeutic properties.

I used to wake up feeling tired and out of sorts. I never felt rested and suspected that my mattress, which seemed to irritate my pressure points, was the reason why.

Once I switched to this design, I found that its thickness and memory foam construction changed the way that I slept.

Maybe I moved less during the night…I’m not really sure what happens while I’m sleeping! All I know is that I sleep better and waking up feeling very good each morning. This is what I wanted and this mattress will probably give you the same rested, fresh feeling.

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Additional Features Of This Model

  • We’ve talked about the key features of this mattress design already. However, you should also know that it comes with a very strong warranty, which will give you recourse as a consumer if you’re not completely satisfied.
  • The warranty lasts twenty years, which shows just how much the makers of this mattress believe in its performance and durability.

In addition, this mattress is resistant to dust and other common allergens. It’s covered with a fabric which blocks most of these organisms and this is good news for your good health.

Does This Product Offer Great Support?

  • This thickness and support foam of this mattress will contribute to relief of pressure point discomfort as it supports the spine and head and minimizes restless sleep.
  • You’ll move less in your sleep as you’re cradled in premium memory foam and this will be a good thing for your body and your mind.


- In terms of “pros”, this unit features density memory foam, which is of the highest quality grade. When you select this model, you’ll enjoy superb mattress feel.

- Mattress reviews for this model center on the comfort and feel of the memory foam, which is supple and very soft.

- SureTemp memory foam is premium and it earns accolades for those who sleep on it nightly!

- In addition, since mattress supports are so thick, you’ll find that this unit relieves strain on your body and supports a better sleeping position. This means that you’re unlikely to wake up feeling tired and sore.


- One strategy is to sleep on a memory foam mattress before you buy – a friend or family member may have a mattress that you can try out. I didn’t do this but I love the mattress that I chose.

- Another con is that this isn’t a high-end mattress.

- It’s more of an economy model. While it does have features galore, you may get more features when you spend more.

- However, if you do want a basic price tag and premium comfort, the lower-end price point of this design may be an advantage, rather than a drawback.

Bottom Line

- Sleep Innovations Suretemp is a great mattress may offer life-changing benefits for you.

- If you suffer from restless sleep, you’ll find that choosing a memory foam design like this helps a lot.

- This design features two layers of memory foam, each of which measures one foot in thickness.

- This technology promotes exceptional airflow, which gives this mattress the power to conform to your body’s contours.

- Make your night’s sleep as good as it can be. Choose Sleep Innovations Sure-temp mattress today and you will not regret.