Sleep Innovations Taylor 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Taylor

Hello, my name is Alfred, thanks to the admin who has approval my story about the experience with this mattress.

I don’t know about you, but after a life of go-go action, my back is more than a little bit…out of whack, if we’re being honest. In fact, some days I wake up, roll out of bed, and feel even worse than I did when I jumped into bed.

Who gets hurt sleeping?!

And I know I’m not alone, judging by the sheer amount of people that have been searching high and low for a Sleep Innovation mattress, hoping that they’d finally be able to rest easy and feel great in the AM. A quick search on Google alone returns almost 600,000 results in less than half a second.

The demand is definitely out there.

And boy is there a bunch of different options out there. More than you could shake a stick at. But that’s part of the problem – with so many different Sleep Innovations mattress options to pick and choose from, finding the right one (the PERFECT one) is a bit of an uphill battle.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to help you out. You see, for the past month of so I’ve been sleeping on a brand new Sleep Innovations Taylor 12 inch gel memory foam mattress, and I couldn’t be happier.

This is – in every way imaginable – a game-changing mattress. I wake up feel happy and refreshed, and almost regret rolling out of bed each morning.

Shall we dive right into breaking down this amazing gel memory foam mattress?

Product Description

It’s tough for me to find a mattress, entirely because I’m so demanding on the firmness that I’m shooting for. I never want anything too hard, but I definitely don’t want anything too soft.

I’m looking for the kind of gel memory foam solution that is going to gently cradle my body when I’m ready to sleep, but gives me more than enough “spring” when I’m…well…using the bed with anything but sleep on my mind.

Taylor mattress is the Goldilocks of mattresses as far as I’m concerned – just right! Designed specifically for the average to larger body types, it provides an enhanced medium firmness that you’re going to notice right out of the box.

It’s soft and squishy without having you sink right in, and offers that bounce we were talking about earlier.

Perfect for those that are going to be sleeping on their backs or their sides (like me), it’s not something you’re going to feel like you’re lost in anytime soon.


Talk about comfort! This mattress has comfort in spades!

Sleep Innovations gel memory foam that it offers you is going to gently cradle you into the perfect sleeping position, even allowing you to share the bed with someone else without disturbing them – or having them disturb you.

You could toss around back and forth like you were in the hold of a ship on this mattress and you’d hardly notice a thing!

I’m not sure how the gel memory foam in this amazing Sleep Innovations mattress actually works, but I can tell you this – it definitely works as advertised!

Another big concern I had about this mattress – or any other memory foam mattress, for that matter – is whether or not it was going to get too hot in the summer.

I know people go crazy for the mattress feel of memory foam in the winter because it keeps things nice and toasty, but the last thing you want in the middle of a heat wave is something to lock in MORE heat.

Thankfully, though, you won’t ever have to worry about that with this mattress again. The gel in the memory foam absorbs heat in the winter and repels it in the summer, keeping you at the perfect sleeping temperature without any a headache or hassle whatsoever.

This makes for a warm and cozy mattress when you want one, and a nice breezy mattress when you’re trying to beat back the summer heat.


This Sleep Innovations mattress also happens to be one of the most durable (in my own personal experience, as well as judging from all of the info I’ve been able to pick up online).

I knew I was going to be dropping more than a few hundred bucks on this mattress, so I wanted to be certain that it was going to stick around for the long haul. After 30 days of sleeping on it, it remains in brand new condition – and there are people online saying that their mattress stills looks and feels brand new after more than 18 months.

After 30 days of sleeping on it, it remains in brand new condition – and there are people online saying that their mattress stills looks and feels brand new after more than 18 months.

This is a mattress you’re going to be able to depend on, that’s for sure.

Combine those anecdotes with the legendary reputation that Sleep Innovation mattress options have and you’re looking at something special here. This is a Sleep Innovation mattress that you’ll be able to count on for years and years to come.

The 20-year warranty backs that up so that you never have to worry about something happening to your mattress without any recourse.

It’s also made right here in the USA, so you’ll know that there aren’t any “oddball” materials that make their way into the sleeping platform you’re going to be spending more than a third of your life on.

This is a big deal.

Sleep Innovations Taylor Density
At 12 inches thick, this Sleep Innovations mattress is thick enough to really suck you in when you need something warm and cozy, but also offer some bounce that you need as well.

This is one of the thickest memory foam mattress options you’re going to come across and one of the best made to boot. You’ll be able to rest easy on this mattress, and so will anyone else in bed.

You're significant other, your dog, whoever – they’re all going to fall in love with the density memory foam that this mattress brings to the table.

This isn’t some cheaply made Chinese knockoff we’re talking about here – it’s a rock solid sleeping platform that you’re going to fall in love with right from day one!


  • The support you’ll get out of this Sleep Innovations mattress is second to none – especially if you’re dealing with a bad back.
  • There’s a boatload of lumbar support in this mattress, but (as I talked about earlier), it’s also got a lot of support for side sleepers as well.
  • If you remember earlier, I talked about how I was feeling worn out after waking up, and was worried that I’d never feel right again.
  • Well, after 30 days of sleeping on this beauty, I’m right as rain – my back is almost as springy as this mattress!


There are a lot of special features that you’re going to fall in love with when you get your hands on this Sleep Innovations mattress, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Medium firm feels from the gel memory foam
  • Perfectly suited to the average to larger human body
  • Designed for side and back sleepers
  • Keeps you cradled, even if you like to toss and turn
  • Uses TriComfort construction – Cooling Gel on top, Breezy Air layer in the middle, and a density memory foam on the bottom.
  • This is a mattress built for extreme comfort!


- Everything associated with this mattress has been a joy.

- The good comfort level and had good support.

- The high-density memory foam.


- Not cheap but worth the money.

- The mattress has the chemical memory foam smell.

- Pretty heavy when you're moving it.

Bottom Line

- At the end of the day, this Sleep Innovations mattress is going to be one of the smartest investments you’ve ever made.

- This is going to provide you with the kind of high-quality sleep you’ve always wanted (and deserved), all while supporting your body the whole night through.

- It’s tough for me to find a mattress, entirely because I’m so demanding on the firmness that I’m shooting for.

- Designed specifically for the average to larger body types, it provides an enhanced medium firmness that you’re going to notice right out of the box. I cannot imagine sleeping on anything else.

- You’re going to love the Sleep Innovations Taylor 12 inch gel memory foam mattress, that’s for sure!

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch

Mattresses are essential household accessories that are attainable online in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Even though simple, they enhance user comfort.

They also improve sleep patterns, promote better physical and mental health, and most importantly, lower the risk of developing debilitating conditions such as back and or neck aches after sleeping for long hours. When shopping for a new mattress to use at home, remember that user comfort is key.

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is to buy a cheap mattress online only to suffer frequent backaches because of its poor construction.

The type of mattress you buy should also be durable and have a plethora of innovative features that guarantee superior performance without costing you a fortune. With the diversity of mattresses in the market, finding an affordable model that meets this threshold is an arduous task.

Fortunately, it is not impossible. This 12-inch SureTemp memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations is a durable high performance model that will serve you well for long.

Read on to learn its major attribute and reasons why you should buy one.

Product Description

Since its official launch a few years ago, Simple Innovations has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality mattresses that continue to affect the lives of millions worldwide positively. This SureTemp foam mattress, for instance, is an advanced 12-inch model that cushions the body well for maximum therapeutic support when resting or sleeping.

Its dual-layer design (2.5-inch comfort layer made of three-pound memory foam and 9.5-inch base layer) is durable. It eliminates pressure points for added relief, eliminates motion transfer, lowers tossing and turning, and conforms to body orientation to promote proper head and spinal alignment. This density memory foam mattress is 80-inches long, 60-inches wide, and 12-inches deep.

It has a luxurious poly-cotton blend cover that does not irritate the skin, ships vacuum packed, and has a 20-year limited warranty.


As highlighted earlier, comfort is one of the major attributes you must never sacrifice when shopping for a new mattress for regular usage. This top rated mattress by Sleep Innovations does not disappoint in this regard.

Although cheap, its well-made dual-layer design using quality materials cushion and support the body well for superior comfort. Its 9.5-inch base layer for instance is thick, stable, offers therapeutic support when sleeping for long.

It also has a well-made 2.5-inch comfort layer that conforms to the orientation of the body to eliminates tossing or turning and eliminates pressure points that often injure or irritate the body when using hard, poorly made mattresses. The exclusive SureTemp open cell foam used to manufacture this mattress boosts air circulation when sleeping to keep the body cool.

It also improves head and spinal alignment, eliminates motion transfer, and in synergy with its soft poly-cotton cover, keeps users comfortable for an uninterrupted night’s rest.


If you are shopping for a SureTemp mattress and durability ranks high on your list of wants, you will never regret buying this foam mattress by Sleep Innovations for the following main reasons: first, the exclusive memory foam used to make it is among the most durable in the market.

It has a high weight capacity and does not crack nor crumble easily as many low-quality models do. Its dual layer design also improves its durability further. Unlike single block mattresses, it disperses weight evenly across the mattress for greater stability without sacrificing comfort. For just a few dollars, you get a valuable foam mattress that lasts long.

Sleep Innovations SureTemp Density
While Sleep Innovations density foam mattress is not as thick as some mattresses in the market, its dual layer design offers sufficient flesh to guarantee superior comfort no matter your stature or size. Even though this density foam mattress ships vacuum packed for easier transportation and storage, it inflates to a maximum thickness of 12-inches once unpacked and rested.

Its structural bottom layer is sturdy and made of a durable 9.5-inch responsive support foam. This one-of-a-kind material has a high weight capacity.

It supports the body well when sleeping and prevents the mattress from collapsing or losing its shape after years of usage. As its name suggests, its 2.5-inch comfort layer is comfortable and made of breathable SureTemp memory foam that conforms to the body’s orientation.

This mattress is 80-inches long, 60-inches wide and has a medium-soft to medium-firm feel.


Feature wise, Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp mattress is one of the most advanced foam mattresses in the market. Key attributes that have made it a best seller online include:


  • One of the major attributes that set this density foam mattress apart from its competition is its dual layer design.
  • It is durable, comfortable, and provides superior comfort for a better and restful night’s sleep.
  • Unlike single block mattresses that are attainable cheaply online, you get a functional everyday mattress with a durable 9.5-inch base layer. This layer is supportive, durable, and made of responsive memory foam that offers value for money.
  • A top this base layer, you have a well-built comfort layer made of an exclusive SureTemp open cell memory foam. It cushions the body, dampens pressure points, and lowers turning.

Circular Knit Cover

Unlike much low-quality mattress that has irritant synthetic covers, this mattress has a circular-knit plush poly-cotton blend cover that does not irritate the skin. It is soft, allergen-free, and dust mite resistant. It is also durable and resistant to the elements.

User Warranty

SureTemp foam mattress by Sleep Innovations has a full 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. For those that treasure quality, this reflects the value of the mattress that you are getting.


  • If you have back and joint problems, this mattress’s sturdy base layer and its comfortable comfort layer support the body well for better sleep.
  • The uniquely formulated open cell foam technology used, for instance, conforms to the body orientation when sleeping.
  • It eliminates pressure points and supports the body perfectly to eliminate tossing and turning. With it, therefore, you will sleep comfortably and soundly either singly or with your partner.


- Luxurious cradling comfort and have extra durability.

- This is affordable, made using premium quality Sure-Temp and support foam.

- One of the most comfortable high-density mattresses in the market.


- Not cheap but worth the money.

- The mattress have the chemical memory foam smell.

- Pretty heavy when you're moving it.

Bottom Line

- Although this memory foam mattress is not fire resistant, the benefits of buying it surpass its cons.

- It, for instance, is affordable, made using premium quality SureTemp and support foam, and is currently one of the most comfortable high-density mattresses in the market.

- This mattress is non irritant, suitable for everyday use, and lacks allergens and or chemical fillers that might affect your health over time.

- All you have to do is buy an original model from a renowned store such as Amazon to enjoy these benefits.

Discover the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Mattress

Sleep Innovations

When I decided to buy a new mattress, I knew I couldn’t afford something which was marketed as being "top of the line".

However, I was quite intense about finding a truly affordable mattress design which would provide me with memory foam comfort, durability and an array of extra features, such as an anti-allergenic cover.

After conducting quite a bit of research online, I chose the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Mattress, which was really affordable. Since I paid so little for this memory foam mattress, I was concerned that its overall quality wouldn’t be as great as I wanted it to be.

Once I actually slept on it, my concerns vanished. This mattress gives me the power to access deep and healing rest, every single night. Its premium memory foam molds to my body and cradles it in supreme comfort.

This was my first memory foam mattress and I know I’ll never go back to a conventional, non-memory foam model. Since I’m so impressed with my new mattress, I thought I’d let others know exactly what it has to offer, and this is why I’m writing this detailed review today…

Hopefully, my review will help you to decide whether or not this style is what you’re looking for. Read more reviews about Sleep Innovations 12-inch.

Product Description

This mattress is crafted of superb, A-grade memory foam and it’s made in America. It retails for around four hundred and twenty-five bucks at most online retailers.

This Queen-sized mattress comes with a host of appealing features which ensure optimal comfort. Since it is a reasonably-priced mattress in the lower end of the price range, it offers a lot of value for its affordable list price. This means that it’s a solid investment.

I checked other reviews for this model before I ordered it and they were really positive. This reinforced my decision to go with this design.

Is This Mattress Comfortable?

If you want the most comfortable mattress, you’ll find that this model really delivers. Its memory foam construction means that it will mold to your body while you doze, so that you can get the quality rest that you need and deserve.

When you choose this design, you’ll access a double layer of memory foam, which is equipped with SureTemp open cell technology. This technology promotes exceptional airflow, which gives this mattress the power to conform to your body’s contours.

Does This Product Have Good Durability?

Sleep Innovations is a good brand with a solid reputation for quality. Therefore, this memory foam mattress should continue to perform well over the years.

Just follow the manufacturer’s care guide in order to ensure that your mattress continues to provide benefits over the long term.

For example, spot-clean its sturdy polyester-cotton cover when needed and also flip the mattress occasionally. You may also wish to vacuum the mattress now and then in order to remove allergens and dirt.

Aside from this, you shouldn’t have to do much, as this design really is durable and it’s definitely a low-maintenance mattress.

Thickness Facts And Information

This design features two layers of memory foam, each of which measures one foot in thickness. In addition, it comes with a special “comfort layer” which is two-and-a-half inches in density.

Lastly, each Sure Temp mattress features nine-and-a-half inches of high-quality support foam, which is renowned for its therapeutic properties.

I used to wake up feeling tired and out of sorts. I never felt rested and suspected that my mattress, which seemed to irritate my pressure points, was the reason why.

Once I switched to this design, I found that its thickness and memory foam construction changed the way that I slept.

Maybe I moved less during the night…I’m not really sure what happens while I’m sleeping! All I know is that I sleep better and waking up feeling very good each morning. This is what I wanted and this mattress will probably give you the same rested, fresh feeling.

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Additional Features Of This Model

  • We’ve talked about the key features of this mattress design already. However, you should also know that it comes with a very strong warranty, which will give you recourse as a consumer if you’re not completely satisfied.
  • The warranty lasts twenty years, which shows just how much the makers of this mattress believe in its performance and durability.

In addition, this mattress is resistant to dust and other common allergens. It’s covered with a fabric which blocks most of these organisms and this is good news for your good health.

Does This Product Offer Great Support?

  • This thickness and support foam of this mattress will contribute to relief of pressure point discomfort as it supports the spine and head and minimizes restless sleep.
  • You’ll move less in your sleep as you’re cradled in premium memory foam and this will be a good thing for your body and your mind.


- In terms of “pros”, this unit features density memory foam, which is of the highest quality grade. When you select this model, you’ll enjoy superb mattress feel.

- Mattress reviews for this model center on the comfort and feel of the memory foam, which is supple and very soft.

- SureTemp memory foam is premium and it earns accolades for those who sleep on it nightly!

- In addition, since mattress supports are so thick, you’ll find that this unit relieves strain on your body and supports a better sleeping position. This means that you’re unlikely to wake up feeling tired and sore.


- One strategy is to sleep on a memory foam mattress before you buy – a friend or family member may have a mattress that you can try out. I didn’t do this but I love the mattress that I chose.

- Another con is that this isn’t a high-end mattress.

- It’s more of an economy model. While it does have features galore, you may get more features when you spend more.

- However, if you do want a basic price tag and premium comfort, the lower-end price point of this design may be an advantage, rather than a drawback.

Bottom Line

- Sleep Innovations Suretemp is a great mattress may offer life-changing benefits for you.

- If you suffer from restless sleep, you’ll find that choosing a memory foam design like this helps a lot.

- This design features two layers of memory foam, each of which measures one foot in thickness.

- This technology promotes exceptional airflow, which gives this mattress the power to conform to your body’s contours.

- Make your night’s sleep as good as it can be. Choose Sleep Innovations Sure-temp mattress today and you will not regret.